About Us

Complete Separation and Divorce Support for Toronto
and Surrounding Area

We believe every family is different - therefore every Divorce is different.

Once you begin the Divorce process, all kinds of needs will surface:

  • What will happen to our Matrimonial Home?
  • How do we split our assets?
  • How do I obtain custody or access to my children?
  • Can I get a mortgage without my spouse's income?
  • Where can I find emotional support for me? For my children?
  • How will I ever meet someone new?

And the list goes on!

The Divorce Solutions Group is here to support you with ALL of this, both during and after your Divorce, with our team of: 

  • Divorce and Family Lawyers
  • Divorce Financial Analysts
  • Divorce Real Estate and Mortgage Advisory 
  • Divorce Counselling and Coaching Professionals
  • Investment and Banking Advisors

The Divorce Solutions Group exists because many people going through a Separation or Divorce need the services of more than just one professional -  they need a TEAM of Divorce Professionals working to support them. A team that works collaboratively, allows each professional to build on the others' contribution. This process provides our clients with a complete and personalized Divorce experience. We do not take a "one size fits all" approach to our clients' Divorces.


    The Divorce Solutions Group is an entire team of Divorce Professionals
    here for you and your family.